Community Participation
Maintaining connections to your community and participation in community events is an essential component of a happy and heallthy life. Inclusive Care’s Helpers can assist you in maintaining active social and community engagement, which can be tailored to suit your individual goals and interests. We are flexible in order to allow you to see the people and do the things you want when you want. Transport to and from community events in your local area is included in your hourly rate.
We can help with
  • Visiting or making new friend
  • Medical and Allied Health appointment
  • Sporting and recreational events
  • Supported shopping
  • Visiting library, Cinema and educational centers
  • Learn new skills and interact with community
Doing more of the things you love
  • We strongly believe that community participation will help
  • people with disabilities realise the potential for physical,
  • social, emotional and intellectual development.
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