Short Term Accomodation Perth
NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Perth
When it comes to offering NDIS short term accommodation in Perth, we at Inclusive Care are second to none in terms of perfection, professionalism, care, affection and empathy. It is all about ensuring that the support and care service provided to a participant is not interrupted due to the unavailability of his or her immediate caregiver. Thus, if a caregiver offering support service to a NDIS participant either wants to take a leave for a short period for any personal commitment, or due to an illness, our short term accommodation will be available for up to 14 days.

Besides, our NDIS short term accommodation in Perth allows persons with impairments to reside in NDIS care accommodation facilities for a stipulated period of up to 14 days. During their stay at the accommodation facility the participant will enjoy 24×7 support and the individual will be able to enjoy community living, make use of the different value added facilities and get 24×7 specialised help.

NDIS short term accommodation in Perth
An individual with impairment is eligible to access our NDIS short term accommodation in Perth when:
  • The participant is at the risk of turning homeless or joining any aged care facility due to non availability of his or her immediate caregiver.
  • When the participant needs capacity building and / or independent living support
  • If the caregiver is not able to provide support and care for a specified period due to medical or other reason-related availability.
  • The participant wants some change in the environment and wants to enjoy any community-based activity.
  • There is any home renovation, modification or extension for which the stay of the participant at the home is not possible for a stipulated period.
What are the benefits of our NDIS short term accommodation?
  • Our support workers are available 24×7 and arrange the accommodation in a fully furnished, well-maintained accommodation that will suit the participant’s needs and lifestyle
  • We provide nutritious meals that include tea, snacks, refreshment as needed
  • Individual round the clock vigilance round the clock to ensure safety, comfort and mental peace of the participants.
What are the most obvious FAQs about our Short Term Accommodation in Perth?

Are your NDIS short term accommodation in Perth safe enough?
Yes, they are. You will be under 24×7 surveillance of the best support providers who will ensure your daily needs are met with perfection. So our NDIS short term accommodation in Perth is absolutely safe.

What if there is any medical emergency?
Our NDIS short term accommodation in Perth has liaison with the best nurses and doctors who are available at the drop of a hat in case of any emergency. So you are safe with us.

What about the special features that I would need for my daily activities?
Our NDIS short term accommodation in Perth has features that will make your stay safe and comfortable. They have wide doors and ramps for wheelchair access, safety railings, slip proof tiles in the toilet and bathroom for your comfort and convenience.

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