Independent Living Skills Perth
Assistance with Independent Living Skills in Perth
Each individual is unique in their ways. They have their own set of needs, their own life lead and their own lifestyle to follow. And everyone masters the skills of living their life autonomously as they grow up. However, if you are plagued by certain impairments and mobility restrictions, mastering those skills may be a bit challenging.

Fret not though, for we at Inclusive Care are at your side, if you are in Perth. We are home to support workers who would consider your needs, the lifestyle you would like to follow to chalk out a personalised support package that will suffice your needs. As such, we are one of the most effective and efficient support services offering assistance with independent living skills in Perth.

How is our Assistance with Independent Living Skills in Perth Exclusive?
Our support workers would never perceive you as a mere participant. They will consider you as their extended family member and would service accordingly. We would listen to your issues, realise your support needs and the objectives of your life. Accordingly, we will work in close coordination with you to deliver the support service that will help you lead the life you would love to live with as much autonomy as possible.

The objective of our assistance with independent living skills in Perth is to give you the choice and control of your lids and support you to live a life of autonomy that you will be more than satisfied to live. We would assist you identify your unique needs and provide you with a tailored plan that is specific to the objectives of your life.

What does our Supported Independent Living Skills include?
24-hour support, that may include overnight (active or inactive care, if needed)
  • Personal care
  • Mobility support
  • Medication assistance
  • Shopping
  • Preparation of meal
  • Domestic support
  • Therapy support, if needed
What are the most pertinent FAQs about our independent living assistance?
Is all what is mentioned in the website included in your Independent Living Skills assistance in Perth?

Not at all. That is just a glimpse. Our assistance with independent living skills would include:

  • Developing tailored program plans that outline your goals and aspirations
  • Accessing social and recreational activities that you prefer
  • Managing and attending your appointments
  • Written communication and help with completing forms
  • Hands on assistance in maintaining your house or upholding your independence
  • Meeting your Accommodation and tenancy obligations, and others
Are your support workers good enough to provide all these supports?
Yes, all our support workers offering assistance with independent living skills in Perth are trained and qualified enough to provide all these skills.
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